About Us

Hiteart has been a fine arts and consulting company for 5 years as of 2017. We strive for quality of work but the vision of the clients we work with all across the world. This fashion line has been created by this same principle. The market of full wrapped fashion is in full swing and, as an artist myself, I looked for something unique.


I believe I created it. Everything we produce here in Shop Hiteart is manufactured and delivered in the United States of America. For the European fans, don't worry, we are going to be opening a distrubution center in your neck of the woods so you'll still be able to purchase Shop Hiteart products and it'll ship to you with a lower shipping cost. All products have been personally selected by me to be the highest in quality. I hope you enjoy the store, thank you.


If you wish to see my personal work or are interested in working with me, visit my portfolio website today.